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What? Like you've never been stuck in a fairy timewarp for more than a year.

Oh, thank the little baby Jesus. ‘True Blood’ is BACK. Nine months without our equivalent of Skinemax was a wee rough on these broads. But here we are… so let’s chat a bit about the good, bad and ugly from this new season’s premiere episode. WATCH OUT FOR SOME FO REALZ SPOILERS.

First, I am going to say that  yes, I have read Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Mysteries series. (Which, by the way, is a fantastic summer beach read – so DO it.) I will also admit that the fourth book is my FAVORITE so far in the series, and I have some high expectations for this season. Alan Ball will take his liberties, and for that I am thankful. It’s a lot more fun to watch to see what  he will do with the framework, and how he will divert from the storyline. 

But these recaps will definitely NOT be me whining about how different things are from the novels — but just know I am slightly biased by them.

OK, now let’s get to it.

Meth is awesome.

The first eight minutes, which were streaming free on HBO’s website all week, were pretty terrible as far as I am concerned. The fairy storyline just isn’t my thing, but they could have hooked me in if they left out the SciFi channel low-budget graphics. But I do love me some Gary Cole, and the show HAD to show us where she went. So, there… we know she went to a timewarp fairyland, and the fairies – who at first seem dreamy and beautiful – ended up looking more like crazy elves with a bad meth addiction and an equally bad attitude.

I did sort of love the surprise of Sookie having been missing for over a  year. It was a  really creative way to grow the characters without boring us with the details. Jason’s a do-gooding cop, Andy has a serious V problem, Arlene had her demon baby, Tommy did get shot but didn’t die, Sam’s horsing around with other shifters, Tara’s a MMA-fighting lesbian, vamps are having a PR nightmare, and Bill is the f-ing KING? Ok, I’ll get back to that last bit later.

And thank god for Lafayette. “Five minutes. Ten if they have dranks.” If I had a dime for everytime I said that entering a witch coven meeting… I am starting to like this creepy witch plotline, and I am very curious to see what side of the fence Lafayette and Jesus will end up on if it’s Witch v. Vamp in Bons Temp.

Bish please.

Cannot wait to find out what has happened to Bill in the last year. Is Sophie-Ann still alive? I think we are meant to believe she isn’t, but who really knows with this show. I sort of love the big twist that he is a Vamp King now — an awesome development thanks to those Alan Ball liberties I was talking about earlier. I really love the role reversal they are setting  up with Bill and Eric. I have always thought they were both putting up big fronts – and maybe this season we will see their “true” colors. Oh – and did anyone else catch that his new flirty love interest, Portia Bellefleur, is the same actress that played that annoying reporter on Dexter? I think the annoying factor will play in much better with this character.

I can haz more Eric??

And finally… what I have been waiting for… for NINE long months… Eric. A very special shout out to the costume and wardrobe department for this episode, and granting us with so many DEEP v-necks on Alexander Skarsgard. If the man has to be clothed, that’s the way to do it. I LOVE that he bought Sookie’s house and has been fixing it up for  her return. And something tells me his fangy approach to Sookie at the end was only because he was super turned on (join the club), and not for any scary reasons. Also, I would like to request that any man I date make that insanely hot growl noise anytime I get naked.

So that’s all I got for this week… VERY much looking forward to next week and picking up where this one left off. What’s going to happen to poor Jason? When is Eric going to take those shirts off? How will Bill handle the growing witch problem in his kingdom? So many questions!! At least we have a whole season in front of us. Even though this episode was both a hit and a miss, I certainly missed the hell out of it. Til next time!


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Ok I know it’s been a while since you have heard from the broads… but we are some busy ass broads!  My summer resolution is to get back on the blogging wagon, so here’s my first official rant of Summa 2011.

Given all the recent hoopla surrounding the various political and public sex scandals (Weiner, Schwarzenegger), I have been having some really fantastic discussions and debates with my smart friends about how women — both the wives and the mistresses — fair through these sorts of circumstances.

Jezebel recently had a pretty fantastic post (as usual, of course) called “The Obsession with Arnold’s ‘Ugly’ Women” late last month. It brought up some pretty great points about how the media likes to quickly turn attention from the cheating or scandalous man to the “other women.” Judgments quickly register – and it is swiftly decided if the mistress is indeed “hotter” than the wife. As if somehow, that makes the act of infidelity and betrayal easier to swallow. Or more acceptable. I am sure Maria Shriver wouldn’t have been nearly as pissed if Arnold’s baby mama was more traditionally hot.

What these scandals are about is NARCISSISM. These men don’t give a crap about what their mistresses (or tweet followers) look like. They are just interested in power, showing off and spreading seed. Well, there is that one exception with the South Carolina governor who seems to actually be in love with his South American ladyfriend. But honestly besides him, these scandals are about ego and a lack of impulse control. It is not about looks (well,  besides their own).

And once the media has tired of harassing and obsessing with the “other woman,” their sights are set on the lady left behind. The scorned woman. What WILL she do? Will she stand by his side during a tearful press conference? Will she leave him and write a scathing memoir?

A friend of mine recently asked me if I thought the “standing by your man” mentality was anti-feminist, especially for women who present themselves as feminists. My problem with the whole question was this: Deciding to stay in a marriage or bail is a DEEPLY personal decision. And who are we to judge the reasons why.

Maria Shriver peaced out. Looks like Huma is going to stay with Anthony Weiner (for now). Hilary stayed. Spitzer is still married. Elizabeth Edwards left and then some. None of these women are feminists or anti-feminists because of their decision. And it’s none of our goddamned business either.

In my perfect world, people get married and stay married for two primary reasons: love and mutual respect. But I am also a very realistic person and know there are thousands upon thousands of reasons to be and stay married besides love and respect. People could get married for reasons of financial stability, emotional companionship, mutual interests, wanting to be a parent, because they already have kids, and the list goes on and on. Marriages also have all kinds of arrangements – such as open relationships, stay at home spouses, etc.

So who are we to judge why women stay or go?

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