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Sure, she gets wasted a lot, wears clothes that don’t exactly fit her, and doesn’t always make the wisest of life choices. But there are plenty of reasons why you should love Snooki… especially if you are a woman.

First, Snooki is the ultimate girl’s girl. She is your best friend, the girl who will beat up someone for you, the one who will hold your hair while you puke. She’s not one of these girls who would EVER say “I just get along with men better,” or “Girls are just jealous of me.” She sticks up for her ladies, and I dig that about her.

Second, she is unapologetically herself. Fame and fortune has changed absolutely NOTHING about Snooki except maybe her car and name-brand clothing. She still rocks the pouf, she still shows off her crazy rack, and she hasn’t lost a crazy amount of weight. She is just Snooki, and the rest of us have to deal with it.

Third, she doesn’t take herself too seriously, and often laughs with us when most of us are laughing at her. Just check out her New Year’s Eve video she did with the male SNL star, Bobby Moynihan, who portrays her regularly… you HAVE TO WATCH THIS.

These are truly amazing and rare qualities to find not only in a female reality TV star, but just in general. While my style and general persona varies FAR from Snooki’s, I love her. Having grown up at the Jersey shore myself, and knowing first hand what the NY and PA tourists can be like – she might look the part, but she is the exact opposite of the sort of jerky attitude shoobies/bennies/whateveryouwanttocallthem often bring to the beach.

All in all, Snooki’s a down bitch.


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